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Spirit Reverse



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"Two cards are selected. One by the spectator and one by the magician. The cards are exchanged and placed into each persons half of the deck. The deck is reassembled and a spirit bell is tied to the deck. Spirits are called upon to find the cards and the bell rings as each card is found."

This is my take on the classic Double Reverse by Paul Rosini and Eugene Burger. Eugene Burger changed the handling and added Glorpy to give it a visible element. I've added the use of a spirit bell to give it a visual and audible element. I've also changed the handling, which includes a great recommendation from Andrew DeRuiter. Included will be a very detailed PDF with photos and bonus scripts and ideas. The scripts are simple and intended to encourage your own creativity. I had Dr. Larry Hass review the routine, and he has given me his blessing to share it with the world. The original routine by Rosini is including in it's entirety as it's now in the public domain.

You will receive an email with the PDF manuscript. You must have  your own bell to use with this routine. Any "spirit bell" with a stand where the bell can suspended should work. No physical product will be sent. This is the PDF only. Each buyer will have their own personal password assigned to the document to prevent sharing.

Please enter your email in comments section when purchasing.

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