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Placing Value on Entertainment

Understandably, one of the first questions clients have is "What does it cost to hire a magician"? 

My personal rates reflect my overall value, which includes years of practice, studying, skill development, research, rehearsal, scripting, routining, and so much more! My rates are competitive and comparable to other forms of entertainment such as musicians, DJ's, or hosting a party at a venue. Over the years I have invested in hundreds of books, lessons, mentorship, props, and supplies to allow me to bring you the best entertainment possible. When you pay for a 45 minute or hour long show, you are actually receiving a lifetime of personal development and dedication to a difficult and rare performing art. Unfortunately, good professional magicians are often undervalued in terms of cost.

Magic is a performing art and you will often get what you pay for with performers. Beware of inexperienced and amateur performers who are willing to undercut professional performers. Cheaper is not always better. If a performer is charging 1/3 of the cost of other performers in your area, ask yourself why? There is always a reason they are willing to undercut costs and that reason is usually that their skill level and experience cannot justify being competitive with other performers. 

My repeat clients are a testament that my value is reflected in my costs and I hope to bring that same value to your next event! 

Contact me for rates on private parties, corporate shows, weddings, themed shows, school assemblies, strolling, parlor, stage magic and more!

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